Thursday, November 5, 2009

Reflection 8

Last week our professor was out of town all week. It was interesting that with him out of town, in one of my classes several of us ditched class and chose to sleep in or do other things. I'll be honest, I did not attend one of the class periods that week as well. Is this a bad thing or not? Class to many might not have seemed as crucial, as we were only learning STL's which we could easily read up on later to know. At the same time, by not going we are not being supportive to our fellow classmates who are teaching. Some could also argue that by having fewer students there, the pressure of teaching wasn't as high. The arguments go on. In the end, what is good or bad comes down to the individual. What is it that they want to get out of school? It's up to the student.

Thinking about this also makes me think about how each student is different in what is "important" to them in their classes. Each student is different in whether they are always on time and in class, ditch, come late every day, turn assignments in early or late, etc. Where is the best level for a student to be at? We all know that no student can be perfect. What is the right balance for them and their learning? Should the ones that are a little more "lazy" in how they approach class, assignments, and learning change their approach? These are just some of the questions I have as a student and for myself. Each of us as a student need to figure out where that line is and what kind of student we want to be. As for me, in certain areas I know I most definitely need to be better!

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