Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reflection 7

Something I've learned this week in 276, everyone has something about their personality that is a strength in their teaching. It's so cool!! For example, Kim's natural care for others that she puts off or Josh's quick pace that keeps you moving along with him. These things are different from person to person and are what set them apart from other teachers.

What I think is important for every teacher is to figure out what a key element of their personality is that plays into their teacher. Once this element is found, the teacher needs to build on it and use it to their advantage. If you don't try and use this quality of yours in your teaching, it could also set you back. For example, if Kim (nothing against Kim!) were to be too sweet to her children to where they get comfortable, it might get to the point where the students felt like they could push her over. This would not be good! On the other hand, she can play off of her her naturally sweet personality to create an environment where the students feel like they can really accomplish things and feel comfortable with getting help from her. This is what we want. Each of us have something about our personality that sets us apart. We just need to see what that is and then make sure to play that to our advantage when teaching!

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