Monday, October 5, 2009

Reflection 5

This past week I went to Pleasant Grove Junior High and sat in on Mr. Frey's class. The class was very similar to the last one I sat in on. He quickly lectured and then put them to work in the shop on their CO2 cars. As I observed this class, I could see that Mr. Frey liked to teach like Dewy. He preferred to have to students run the class and try and learn things on their own. He stayed out of their way except when they really did not know how to do something.

For the most part, the students knew what they were doing, but there were certain areas that I felt the students needed more direction. I felt like there were some things that they should have received instruction on but did not. With this there were a few things happening in the classroom that should not have. Besides this, the class seemed to be under control and ran smoothly.

What I gained most from this experience was what I learned from Mr. Frey. He talked to us about being a teacher and what he recommended for us. One thing he mentioned to us is that we should try and get out in the schools as much as possible. The only experience I have had in the schools is what I have had this semester in this class. He recommended that we sit in and observe whenever we can. He also said that we should try and be substitute teachers whenever possible as well. Talking to him about this made me realize that no matter what we will not be completely prepared for teaching our first year. The best way to prepare myself now is by actually going into the schools. I need to take advantage of the time I have now as a student to learn everything I can about being in a classroom. I need to try and find time now for all of this.

Another thing that Mr. Frey talked to me about was my emphasis. Just like me, he was a multi-media emphasis. BUT here he has primarily been a tech teacher doing woods and metals. This somewhat frightened me! What he is teaching now has nothing to do with his emphasis. He told us how sometimes you have to take what jobs are available and that they don't always relate to your emphasis. He told us how we need to try not to focus on just one area in our major but to try and learn it all. Even though electronics, circuits, and robotics may not be my favorite areas, I still need to learn them!! I need to know all of the areas in TEE, as I do not know EXACTLY what I will be teaching. I need to keep my options open by being well-learned in all areas of TEE. Before I had talked to him, I would sometimes dismiss things I did not understand in Shum's classes, but now I think more about what I am learning in those areas of technology and realize I need to be focused on learning those areas of my major as well. For all I know, I might have to end up teaching such areas that are not my preference! I need to prepare myself now so I will be able to teach any area in TEE.

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