Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reflection 2

In Wong's book there is a quote that stuck out to me. "Learning is an individual activity but not a solitary one. It is more effective when it takes place within a supportive community of learners." I find this quote to be very true. Learning indeed is something each of us must personally achieve, but it is something that we can accomplish in a support group of others learning the same things. As a student, being in a community of supportive learners just like me is comforting and helpful. Such a community helps buoy me up in my studies. Times where I felt learning was most effective was when I felt that community.

In the Technology and Engineering Education program, the supportive community is very prominent. I think this is something that helped attract me to this major. Many of the things we do are in group settings. We must each learn for ourselves but doing so all together. Being in a 'supportive community of learners' first is beneficial because it allows multiple minds to all contribute and share thoughts and outlooks on material. Secondly, it also creates a support system that feels similar to the family. You feel like you can work with them, get help from them and you can accomplish things personally.

In the classroom, I want to offer this same community to my students. I want to help them to feel comfortable with each other and to work with each other to individually grow. I understand that not everything needs to be in a group setting, but it is effective in helping students grow in ways they cannot do alone. I want them to feel brought up and able to learn and do things just as I have felt in the past.

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